jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

EPIC Junior Pro Kite 2010

Epic Kites for Kids
EPIC KITES is very happy to introduce you the JUNIOR PRO kite from Cameron Maramenides.
The sizes will be 4 & 7 meters with 20 meter lines and a special bar made for kids.
I should have more info for you in few weeks. The kites will be available by February.
From the designer Dimitri Maramenides: "So we are making a 4 and a 7 meter kite. This kite will be for any body that wants to ride a smaller kite, but the difference will be on the bar, Chicken Loop, Depower strap, thickness of the bar, depower through and few more Safety system to hook the leash on. Maybe the laddies might enjoy this bar also."
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