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Last North with friends. Isla Blanca

Looks like the last North wind here in Mexico!
Isla Blanca Kite Camp was again....perfect!
Start slowly during the morning, riding with
Water temperature: Warm...super warm!
Air temperatire: Same....
Then around 2.30pm/3pm,...
riding with 6m/9m. ....14m and short lines for gerry,jeje.
Nice way to finish the season.
Next, have a look at the slideshow:

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or download them.

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Kima mania.

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Yucatan Tour: Valladolid, Rio Lagarto, El Cuyo, Holbox.

Following the best wind and taking a break from Playa del Carmen,
we decided to go to those beautifull spots around the Yucatan Peninsula.
First stop was Valladolid, Colonial town, where we recommend you
to stay at Hotel El Meson del Marques, http://www.mesondelmarques.com/valladolid/
Next stop was to Cenote Dzitnup, a natural well, knows as well as the " Cave Azul".
Heading north we then stopped at Rio Lagarto, wind was 20/24 knots, Flamingos
and crocodiles were there too!!!!
Going East we then stopped at El Cuyo, quiet....very quiet!! But very windy too!
Here, miles of white sandy beach to ride all day long....
Our last stop was Isla Holbox, amazing as always...
Back to PDC, where I could try the new KIMA 2009!!!
Went out with Kima 6m, board 140/40, weight 70kg, and ....10knots of wind!!

Eclipse Kima 09

Finally arrived!
Beautifull toy!

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viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Full Moon Kiteboarding at Mamitas Beach

Yesterday was a perfect Kiteboarding Full moon
session at Mamitas Beach.
Tonight looks a bit lighter for the wind, but everybody s
welcome to come and enjoy with us.
You can purchase your Glow stick at the spot.

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

PKRA World Tour Schedule Changes.

Zoon Youri

In the last few weeks there has been as series of worldwide events that have affected the PKRA 2009 World Tour Schedule. Due to the worldwide economic crises, the PKRA Tarifa event was not able to get the necessary budget to host the PKRA World Cup, and they have gone another route. As of today the Tarifa 2009 event has been cancelled. We are confident, that as early as 2010, as soon as the economy recovers PKRA will be back to this popular location.The swine flu epidemic is also affecting PKRA, since the authorities and sponsors of the Cabarete event, in the Dominican Republic are reluctant to schedule any type of events until this epidemic crisis subsides. Therefore to give more time for this to happen the organizer has decided to postpone the event to the dates that have open by the cancelation of the Tarifa Event. So the new dates for Cabarete 2009 are July 1st – 5th 2009. This event has already all the necessary support to take place, and the only factor that will be affecting its realization is how the swine flu epidemic develops on the next couple weeks. There will be constant updates on the PKRA website about it. On a final note, the next PKRA World Tour event on the calendar will be the Kite-Masters Portimao event in Portugal. June 24 – 28. 2009. Press release and information about the event to be out next week.
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