lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Cuarto Torneo Internacional de pesca vertical (Jigging) “Pioneros”

El Comité organizador del Cuarto torneo internacional de pesca vertical “Pioneros” tiene el agrado de invitar a los pescadores deportivos integrantes de los Foros de la Pesca Deportiva en México a participar en el cuarto torneo de pesca vertical (jigging) "Pioneros 2011" que se llevará a cabo en Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo el próximo 29 de Enero de 2011; teniendo como sede el Bar Zenzi en el Faro de Playa del Carmen y que se regirá por las siguientes:

From Jigging tournament

From Jigging tournament

From Jigging tournament

From Jigging tournament

lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Kiteboarding for Kids!!!!

Brige family in Holidays in South Africa, hsppy Christmas!!!
Only 10 years old kids throwing some insane tricks!
Better start young!

Retrouvez la famille Bridge en vancance, ils n'ont pas 10 ans et envoi déja du lourd en Afrique du sud pour noël.

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Playacar Fase 1 Kiteboarding Area.

Thanks to few Local Riders from Playa del Carmen area, Solidaridad, Ayutamiento, Zofemat, la AKQR(Asociacion de Kitesurfing de Quintana Roo) y PDCK( Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding School) we finaly could install the "Rules and Area map" sign on the beach of Playacar Fase 1 in Playacar Residential Area, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

From Playacar Fase 1 Kiteaboarding Area

The Launching and Landing zone is located about 300 meters south of "Xaman Ha condominio" beach and authorized the kites up to 25m north and 25m south of the sign.

While on the beach, the kites have to be parked the closest to the sign as possible and lines must be rolled up onto the bar.

While riding, keep your distance from shore( about 50m away from the shore line), do not jump or practice tricks close to shore to avoid disturbing or molesting the other beach users.

This new area is open for EXPERIENCED/ INDEPENDENT RIDERS ONLY! You have to be able to ride upwind to start and end up your session within the designated area.
Evaluate the wind condition first, if it won t be strong enough to allow you riding upwind.......DON T EVEN TRY!

If you plan to go for a Downwind ride, make sure you look up the map to choose your landing area/beach!

We remember you that one of the condition we have to follow in order to keep this area open to Kiteboarding is that NO TEACHING WILL BE PERMITED in the designated area!

Please contact the AKQR to know about the different Kiteboarding schools in Quintana Roo or about Kiteboarding in Playa del Carmen.

From Playacar Fase 1 Kiteaboarding Area

From Playacar Fase 1 Kiteaboarding Area

Coco Beach Kiteboarding Zone

The sign with rules and Kitesurfing area map for Coco Beach Zone has been installed!
The area is located about 300 meters north of the Gran Coco Bay Resort, on the north beach of Playa del Carmen.
This is an area reserved for EXPERIENCED/INDEPENDENT RIDERS only!!!
It is strickly forbidden teaching or being taught on the beach!!!
Please keep the kites the closest to the back fence to leave the traffic free, launch and land wit the help of someone.
While riding, keep a minimum of 30 meters from the shore.
Don t jump or do tricks close to shore.
Respect the other beach users and crafts!

domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

EPIC 2 by CharlyConneries

Here you will find the latest videos from Epic kites. We have helpful How-To's, not just for Epic but, useful knowledge for the whole kiting community. Our Action shows what can be done with the kites and Bloopers is just the things that go wrong. Mostly with Dimitri.

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