viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Yucatan Tour: Valladolid, Rio Lagarto, El Cuyo, Holbox.

Following the best wind and taking a break from Playa del Carmen,
we decided to go to those beautifull spots around the Yucatan Peninsula.
First stop was Valladolid, Colonial town, where we recommend you
to stay at Hotel El Meson del Marques,
Next stop was to Cenote Dzitnup, a natural well, knows as well as the " Cave Azul".
Heading north we then stopped at Rio Lagarto, wind was 20/24 knots, Flamingos
and crocodiles were there too!!!!
Going East we then stopped at El Cuyo, quiet....very quiet!! But very windy too!
Here, miles of white sandy beach to ride all day long....
Our last stop was Isla Holbox, amazing as always...
Back to PDC, where I could try the new KIMA 2009!!!
Went out with Kima 6m, board 140/40, weight 70kg, and ....10knots of wind!!
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