viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016

Mayan Riviera Windy season has started!

   We are happy to announce the start of the windy season in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding areas! It has started us off with great conditions for the NE blowing from 13-18 knots daily. Its been a dream come true! I am a bit short staffed at the moment with only 2 instructors and me, but we are managing our self! The conditions have been Epic! A super start to the season, making us pretty excited for the things to come!

    We are looking forward to what this season has to offer, as well as all the things we have to offer.
One of the more excited things for me would be the Hydrofoil lessons we have. We have equipment specifically aimed at beginners that have never done or tried Hydrofoiling before! 
The foil we have has a much shorter mast on it, and we have 4 progressive sizes to move up to. The reason its so much safer is because the mast is short, you do not have such a far distance to fall when it comes up or down like a bunking bronco! Shortening the foil makes it much more manageable.
Hydrofoil kite lessons in Mexico with PDCkiteboarding are guaranteed to be great fun a fast progression!

   So come over and start taking your beginners lessons with us as soon as you can, the hardest part about kiteboarding is getting started! Find the time now and you will always find the time to make it happen later as it becomes an addiction. You will not regret it! 

Would you Try hydrofoil lessons in Mexico with us? 

Contact us now and get all the info you need on Kiteboarding in the area!

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