domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

First Isla Blanca trip of the season !!

Hey happy kiters and future kiters!

Tomorrow we are having our first Isla Blanca Lagoon trip for the "El NORTE"!

This north wind is blowing off shore along the coast, which is a no go for us! Not only will this wind blow you off shore, its also very gusty along the coast due to many buildings and trees. So what we do for every north wind, is go to a flat water lagoon most of you have heard of called Isla Blanca.
Isla Blanca is in the north of Cancun, this is there the North wind is best, much more clean and assessable to all of us in the area!

   Its a great day! The north wind is a cold front, so it normally packs a little bit of a punch! The  North winds can range from 18-30 knots. Tomorrow we are looking at around 20-22 knots :) thats a pretty nice start to our first proper cold front. Its nice to go up to the lagoon for the day, since its the only place to kite in the area, every kiter that is free, will be there!

  I will have 2 car loads of people and equipment tomorrow, we start out trip at 8am to get a good start and be on the water by 10-10:30am :) We normally will spend the whole day there enjoying the good winds and ideal conditions for all our clients.

We have had many GREAT times at the lagoon, and great success teaching all of our students up there! Its great to hang with the whole kiting community from the area, since we all get along and have a great time fooling around and flying together :)

For all the people joining us, See you in the morning !!! :) For those of you not here yet, join us on the next trip for sure!
Contact me!


Dylan :)

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