martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

What does our team look like for the next season!? what are they doing now?

   We had an amazing 2014/15 season with a great team. Everyone worked hard and we all had a lot of fun. Anyone that came to visit us will surly say the same thing :)

The whole team will be coming back for the Playa del Carmen windy season to work again on great things! With one additional team member.

   We have the handsome Italian Marco coming back for his 3rd season at Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding. If you have followed any of our Facebook feeds or news, you would have seen him in all or many! Marco is at the moment back home in Italy continuing his passion for kiteboarding/Windsurfing and paddle boarding. He is teaching and continuing his education to be the best of the best ;)

 Returning for the Second time will be french man Jean-Charles, always referred to as JC so we don´t butcher the french language by trying to say his full name!!
JC flew home to France after the long busy season we had to spend all of his time jumping out of planes. He was not just jumping a few times, but took a full coarse and has a goal of jumping a total of 80 times this summer!   good luck JC! Be safe we need you!

   Our last returning instructor is young Arek from Poland living in the Netherlands. He is also not taking it very easy while learning how to properly fly. He left Mexico going straight to Czech republic for a 2 month paragliding coarse, making so far a total flying time of 30 hours! Now he is back home in the Netherlands kiting and looking for his next flight, maybe at home or heading to the alps! Maybe after my coarse we get to fly together somewhere in Europe ;)

  Our free lance super do it all guide Gilles stays in Playa del Carmen where his permanent home is.
He has the family and his Playa Private tours going all summer long! He is diving, guiding and swimming with whale sharks as well as taking care of all our Stand up Paddle tours. He is a very busy dude! But still keeps his cool ;)

  For many years my wife Sari has been teaching and working with us. She will continue to help us out on busy days teaching and shooting photographs. She is with me now in Dominican Republic kiting and working hard on her own wedding photography called Sweet Fire Photography. Her dedication and passion for photography is impressive, and its so nice that we can share both worlds :)

  We will have a new addition to the PDCK family! Doug from the UK! He has been traveling around for years chasing things underwater for his Photography  and teaching hundreds of people how to dive safely under PADI standards. We first met on a small island off the coast of Tanzania called Zanzibar. While I was running the water sports/kiteboarding center, Doug was managing the Dive Center. We quickly became good friends and always kept close contact. He came to Mexico as a diver and now will come and join us. He is now in Mexico diving, Snorkeling and swimming with the whale sharks! ;)

  Last but not least, There is me, Dylan! I am currently in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. This place is just windy windy windy all the time. I get to play around, teach a bit, and plan and organise for the next season. Its a place my wife and I have been coming for many years and will continue to come here due to the great people we meet and know , and *the WIND*! I cant get enough of the kiting and will not stop ! Next stop we will be in Budapest learning how to paraglide a bit and visiting our family. 

Have you met any of us??! Will you come to meet us?
Contact me to help you plan your kite travels ;)

Dylan :)

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