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Kiteboarding in Playa del Carmen, where to stay?

   I often get ask where is the best place to stay in Playa del Carmen and still get the benefits of kiteboarding. It’s a tough one to answer since everyone has a different idea in mind, budget and comfort level! I will run you threw a few options from Hostels to all inclusive resorts in the area. This way you get an idea and can choose what fits you best :) Please note that if you are not staying in the hotel zone reaching us from the out side has a certain procedure. I will get to this at the end of this article.

  The most obvious answer would be to stay at the Sandos Playacar resort & spa! Its located at the south end of the Hotel Zone called Playacar. This is where we have our school and storage. We made this spot one of the only safe and recognised kite beaches in the area. Since it is the last resort on the south end there is plenty of space. It does not get any closer to the kite beach then Sandos Playacar, you are literally right on site! This is ideal for families or couples that just want to make their kite vacation as easy as possible, no need to worry about your next meal or how you will get everyone ready to head to the beach for a kite session.

     * Below you can see the map with the names of other resorts in order from closest to furthest within walking distance. For reference, the Reef Playacar is around a 30 minute walk down the beach to the kite spot.

  If you are not into all inclusive resorts and want to still be close to us, there are many B&B in Playacar to choose from. You can rent a bike or even walk to the kite beach within Playacar with not much fuss. There are options to just rent a room or a whole house for the whole family of group. I would suggest looking at AirBnB for Places, reviews and prices.

  Staying in TOWN there is again big resorts, boutique hotels, B&B and hostels.
Playa del Carmen is really not very big, you can be anywhere in Playa del Carmen and get anywhere with a Taxi in 5-10 minutes Max. at a fair price.
  To stay in Playa del Carmen alone or with a travel buddy or partner looking for something more fresh and inexpensive there are the Hostels. There has to be around 15+ hostels in the center of town, walking distance to night life and restaurants. Just to mention a few we have, The Yak, Hostel Playa, Hostel Che, Hostel 3B, and much more! Private or shared rooms are available.

  Moving around Playa is very easy, you can always grab a taxi, they are everywhere! Renting a bike is also a great option, so you can slow down and take in everything you pass by at your own pace. Renting a Moto/ scooter or car is also possible at bargain prices in season. 

   We offer storage and kite caddy services at our kite beach location. If you don’t want the hassle of dragging your equipment around, we can pack it up in our safe and locked storage. We also offer an extra service of pumping/rigging and packing away your equipment. Launching and landing is something we always help with since doing it by yourself is never 100% safe, Safety first!!

   Since our school is located at an all inclusive resort with private access for guests only, we have a certain procedure with the resort to get all external clients and riders threw the resort to get to the beach. Every person coming threw the resort will need a photo ID to access the property, as well as an invitation from us so we can keep track of who is coming in and out that is not staying in the resort. It’s a very simple procedure if we follow the right steps.
Since its an all inclusive for guest only, there is nothing to purchase on site, so bringing the essentials is important.  All of this is covered once you contact me for directions and to let me know I should put you on the guest list.

All of this is worth it once you come to our beach to enjoy a lesson or session with us! Trust me!

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Dylan :)

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