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The 5'7" ATV has a fuller "fish" style outline that holds more volume through the nose. The wide, floaty, swallow tail allows the board to drive across flatter wave sections with ease. The ATV is relatively short so it requires little input for a lively, skatey feel making it a really fun board for a variety of wave and wind conditions. The shape also caters to a front foot style of riding due to the width and drive of the board. With our five box system, you can choose between a quad or thruster fin arrangement allowing you to tune the board to your riding style. Want to get really loose and skatey in the small stuff? Ride it was a twin fin or a twin fin with small trailer and tail slide the heck out of it! The five fin cluster is accentuated by a six channel bottom contour, which accelerates water through the back of the board, increasing speed in gutless surf. The wide outline, relatively thick foil and flatter entry rocker make this THE board to have for everyday riding, or in less than ideal conditions. The ATV rides equally well with or without straps, in winds ranging from 8 - 28 knots. We're thrilled with this board - we know you'll be amazed!
Great care and quality materials are used in the construction of Epic kite surf boards. Some key features include: 16 kg EPS
1/8" PVC top and bottom
T-Stringer deck system
4 oz. glass top and bottom
7 cm UD tape for flex control
Finished with 0.8 mm wood venire on top of the PVC
Carbon patch for the insert area.

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