martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Excursion / Isla Blanca Kite Camp

Greg came all the way from Australia to learn Kiteboarding! Playa del Carmen was his choice destination after spending 2 long weeks in Cabarete....with no wind!

Darrell from Canada is now doing water start in both direction, very soon up and Riding!!! Congratulation!!

Gail and Stefen from Canada have now their IKO level 1 certification!! Next is Body dragging and Water start!!

Juan from Playa del Carmen is the happy owner of a brand new EPIC Screamer LTD 2010!!
Soon, one of our local Riders!! Felicitaciones Juan!

EPIC Kites is taking over the world of Kiteboarding in Mexico and around the world!!
The latest 2011 EPIC Kites are available for Demo at the Sandos Playacar Resort and IKARUS Kite camp!!

Just when we were leaving the Kite camp, 2 complete rainbows dropped right onto PDCK Deluxe Van! Amazing!

PDCK also teaches with the latest Wainman Hawaii Smoke and Boss Kites! Michel, PDCK Team Rider is enjoying the Ride!!!
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